so i am on this cool streak of seeing the sunset every day .. so far it is 6 days of this happening . i’ve decided im gonna try to just keep this going indefinitely, and i will post pics of most of them here, using “every sunset” tag .. this will b good for me to make sure i get outside more, and idk it just seems fun to me.. maybe not the most important thing but it wil probably improve my life ! i will probably gain a more nuanced understanding of sunsets.. one time i heard dudebutt talking abt sunsets like predicting if there would be a good sunset based on the spread of clouds in the sky before the sun went down, and probably other factors, and idk that seemd cool to me ! i will probably develop more nuanced “favorites” when it comes to sunset types, u know. for most people a sunset is just a cliche, no specificity or appreciation to detail.. i also want to learn the names of trees for this same reason, and birds.. i think there are whole worlds of interestinf shit happening around us every day, especially outdoors, but most of the culture in the world doesn’t rly encourage us to pay attention to it.. its a lost opportunity for free & healthy enjoyment, and more connection to our planet <3

note: sunset pics here are from the past 6 days, but not chronological . also todays sunset is pictured twice, becaus it was particularly good imo, and one of the previous sunsets i didnt photograph

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Cathy G Johnson has been nominated for this year’s Ignatz Award in “Promising New Talent” for damn good reason. Visit her and vote next month at SPX 2014. Here’s her seriously good (and unfortunately timely) comic from As You Were #3. Visit this Tumblr next week for our interview with Cathy and more arts!

As You Were is a punk-comix anthology series featuring new stories by our favorite independent artists from punk communities around the world. The theme for issue #3 is “Big, Big Changes”, available for [purchase here from Silver Sprocket].

As You Were is a great read and I recommend it!

Unidentified arm of the Roman (possibly Hadrianic) varietyVatican Museum, Rome

Unidentified arm of the Roman (possibly Hadrianic) variety
Vatican Museum, Rome

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Ernie Bushmiller


Ernie Bushmiller

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